Tobias: I agree with Michael; it's important not to tie your self-esteem to how you look or what people think of you. I mean, look at me- I'm an actor. An actor, for crying out loud. You know how much rejection I face every day? But in this business of show, you have to have the heart of an angel and the hide... of an elephant.
Lindsay: But, you've never actually had an audition.
Tobias: Well... excuse me! Excuse me.

George Sr.: I haven't had a vacation in years. This is my vacation. I'm exercising, I'm sleeping well.
Michael: You're doing time.
George Sr.: I'm doing the time of my life.

Maeby: (seeing her mom and grandmother at the restuarant) What are they doing here?
George Michael: They're adults; they're allowed to have fun whenever they want. We're kids; we have work!

Michael: (to George Michael) I'm gonna give you a promotion. Welcome aboard, Mr. Manager.
George Michael: Wow! I'm Mr. Manager!
Michael: Well, manager. We just say manager. And you can hire an employee if you need one.
George Michael: Do you think I need one?
Michael: Don't look at me, Mr. Manager.
George Michael: Right. It's up to me now. I'm Mr. Manager.
Michael: Manager. We just say, uh --
George Michael: I know, but you just said --
Michael: Doesn't matter who.

You stay on top of her, buddy ... Do not be afraid to ride her ... Hard.
(George Michael looks petrified)

</i> Michael

I'm going to get blamed for this.

</i> T-bone the arsonist

There's always money in the banana stand.

George Sr.

Oh, my God! We're having a fire ... sale! Oh, the burning, it burns me! Evacuate all of the school children! This isn't a fever! Ama ... I can't even see where the knob is ... zing grace!


Luz, that coat cost more than your house. (Lucille looks at Michael)
That's how we joke. She doesn't even have a house.

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