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Our family's wealth had been built on the suffering of others.


Cops brought her home. She and some friends broke into a store, tried on some dresses last night, lit up the breathalyzer like a Christmas tree.

Diggle [about Thea]

Oliver: She's testing you.
Moira: Yes, and who'd she learn that from?

He doesn't kill for justice, which makes him as dangerous as anyone on my list.


Who stays mad at a castaway?


It's Oliver isn't it? His judgmental hypocrisy is rubbing off on you.


Doesn't you going out and having fun violate some kind of law?

Tommy [to Laurel]

I didn't study Shakespeare at any of the four schools that I dropped out of.


Diggle: You really did lose your mind on that island.
Oliver: Found a couple of things along the way.
Diggle: Like what archery lessons?
Oliver: Clarity.

I made peace with your selfishness a long time ago.


You were born with a platinum spoon in your mouth Queen, what'd you spend five years on an island without room service and suddenly you found religion?


As much as he was doing it to give me a chance to survive, I believe that he was also atoning for his sins. I need to right the wrongs done by family.

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There are people in this world who deal only in extremes. It's naive to think that anything less than extreme measures will stop them.


Laurel: Helena, you don't have to do this.
Helena: Yes, I do. Because once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out.