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Mo to the fo, I was in Sadie Saxton's house.


You know this is a charity league not a charity, right?


Do I look like a hooker? My mom made me wear mascara.


I hadn't seen Jake since he impulsively shoved his tongue down my throat and by the look on him you'd have thought I'd never gave it back.


Jenna: What are you doing?
Tamara: Snooping, I found Satan's room!

Jenna: Sadie didn't just hate me she hated herself. She was as powerless to the stigma of her weight as I was to the stigma of my fake suicide. Was it possible that we had something in common?
[Jenna reads Sadie's food diary]: Jenna Hamilton is an oozing skitch!
Jenna: F- that, I had to take the bitch down.

If I wrote you an evil letter you'd better believe I'd sign my name.

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