enna: I can't handle her.
Tamara: Yeah, Jenna she's Mariah cray cray.

Matty: Jenna, I wouldn't.
Jenna: Oh, I would.
Matty: No seriously, Jenna.
Jenna: Fuck.

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Tamara: You're turn.
Sadie: Hell no. I don't do custodial.

Dear prudence what's up? That goodbye kiss was more like a good dry kiss.


Is that your marine? He's way out of your league. I want one.


Jenna, are you running through the hallway naked? Oh wait, you just reminded me that I need a haircut.


Hey Hamiltamp, looks like Matty and Gabby are going fishing. Maybe you should go with them and stick whatever’s at the end of that string in the chum box. No telling what you might pull out of the ocean.


We’re like a mile from the beach. There are shacks owned by children who sell chiclets with a better view than this fleabag.


Sadie: Sergio, I didn’t mean to be such a bitch.
Sergio: Oh bullshit, you’re a finely tuned bitch machine, sedita.

Finally, Jesus. Ugh, you brought little bitch?


Live it up laugh it up bitches!


So, should we fuck like animals?


Awkward Quotes

Hey! Stop! Don't touch me there that sir is my no no square.


Without the bad days we can never appreciate the good ones, and, there are so many good days coming your way. Just do me a favor, forgive yourself like you forgave me.