Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the beast
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Gabe: You OK?
Cat: You were right. He's too dangerous.

J.T.: You miss her.
Tess: I do.
J.T.: At least she knows who you are.
Tess: You know, maybe I should start siding with you.
J.T.: I'll share my antacids! I have a feeling we're going to need them.

Look, ya already tried this alone and you ended up tied to a chair on the floor and he's MIA again, so...


You're just gonna leave me here? What if I have to pee?


Vincent: If I knew that was part of your rooftop plan, I never would have jumped. What?
Cat: Just wondered if that triggered anything?
Vincent: Maybe... if we did it again.
Cat: Nothing? Really?

So we couldn't go anywhere. Wow. I sound like an amazing boyfriend.


Vincent: You know, if you hadn't been looking for me, I have this strange feeling that I would have shown up eventually. So
maybe I did bring you here for a reason.
Cat: Not just because of the guards?
Vincent: There's this pull. I can't explain. You know, it's like I'm over there working and I can hear your heartbeat.
Cat: Must be very annoying.
Vincent: Distracting. So what was my favorite sandwich?
Cat: Turkey and avocado.
Vincent: Great sandwich.

I just kidnapped you. I don't see how that's a sign of wanting to connect.


Vincent: Why are you following me?
Cat: I'm trying to help.
Vincent: It doesn't sound like help to me.

Ichabod: What is this impenetrable barrier around this instrument?
Abbie: It's called plastic. I bought scissors.

J.T.: Totally: Undo three months of billion dollar programming with a romantic dinner. Let me pull up OpenTable.

Cat: Vincent would never hurt me.
Tess: Cat, you said yourself he doesn't remember you.

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Cat: Vincent would never hurt me.
Tess: Cat, you said yourself he doesn't remember you.

I am not looking to prosecute this crime. I told you, I took this job to protect Vincent. That also means protecting him from himself.


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