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So, next time, when we're going over the options of what we're going to do, running away from me is not one. That's not what partners do. And I learned that from you.


Tess: Do you kiss him when he's like that?
Cat: No. Not when he's fully like that, but when he's somewhere in between.
Tess: Okaaay. The world really is grey with you.

Cat: You okay?
Tess: You mean because now I'm living in a world of grey?

Leaving my best friend to wake up scared and alone in a tunnel? I am so sorry.


Every time he's been involved, it's been because he's been trying to do the right thing.


Tess: You're playing the sympathy card?
Vincent: No, I'm playing the cards I was dealt.

Vincent: I'm not a serial killer.
Tess: Just a killer of a series of people?

J.T.: I came as soon as I heard you got him.
Evan: How did you..."
J.T.: Word travels. You know, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
Evan: It was on Instagram?
J.T.: Kids today.

J.T.: Okay. Before we put all of our faith in this charcoal partnership, I should probably mnetion out that her other BFF Evan is now on Muirfield's payroll.
Cat: What?
J.T.: You really know how to pick 'em.

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