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Cat: Wait, why is Agent Reynolds at my graduation?
Gabe: Agent Reynolds?
Cat: I think I just found my birth father.

Gabe: Nice reunion! What was the theme? The apocalypse?
Cat: It's a wreck! Like my life.

I should be thanking you. You know, Catherine, I saw what Zach was like, without Gabriella, ya know, who he'd become. Lost, alone. I know that's what I'd be like too, without you.


Tess: Oh and uh, by the way, if you want to have a shot with Cat, you might not want to go mano y mano with a beast. No, spare me your mock shock. Your feelings for her are pretty obvious.
Gabe: Ha. Ah. To Catherine to?
Tess: I don't know. Maybe.

You're a dead man, Keller, you hear me? You ripped my heart out and now I am going to rip out yours.


Cat: Have you heard from Vincent yet?
J.T.: I'll just leave the damned door open from now on.

Gabe: J.T., Catherine was attacked by a beast. I need you to ID this.
Vincent: What do you mean Catherine was attacked by a beast? What beast?
Gabe: Vincent!
Vincent: When?
Gabe: Hey. Didn't know you were here.

If we're really gonna figure out who we are together, we have to make sure we don't forget who we are separately along the way, too.


Cat: Except for the low rise jeans and the crop tops.
Gabe: Oh come on. I'm sure you look great in them.

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