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I have lost so much. I can't lose you again, too.


Too bad you can't heal yourself anymore. That's different, too.


Vincent: What?
Cat: This is how we met, you saving me. Whether you remember it or not, we're meant to be.

I keep forgetting Joe's gone and you're in charge now. My brain just can't process it. Go figure.


No, you are close. Seriously? It's like borderline epic.


Vincent: So, do we entertain a lot?
J.T.: No. We just have a very big bar.
Vincent: And the vault? And what are these? Safe depost boxes? What do we use these for?

Cat: OK - do you know who he is?
Vincent: You're husband? OK - look, you seem like nice people. Honestly, you really do. And you are smokin' hot; but, unfortunately I think you're confusing me with someone else, so I will just leave.

Cat: All that matters is that you're home safe and I never stopped looking for you.
Vincent: Who are you?

Gabe: What do I have to do to prove I'm not a beast anymore?
J.T.: Maybe donate your body to science?

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