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The absence of evidence isn't the presence of proof, Catherine.


Joe: The best way to make people feel safe is to eliminate the problem. Let's kill this bastard.
Gabe: Is that the police chief talking or the victim's brother?

Cat: The last time I really liked a guy...
Vincent: Hmm...liked.
Cat: Okay, after what we just did, you, you really don't need to be fishing for compliments.
Vincent: I'm not, I'm clarifying.

Cat: I know how to pick 'em.
Vincent: Hey!
Cat: Past tense.

Vincent: I don't want to break your heart.
Cat: The only thing that would break my heart is looking back on my life and wishing I had done things differently.

How could I ever hate you? It would be like hating a part of myself?


The truth is, I've never felt so out of control than I do when I'm with you.


What? I just spent three hours at the office throwing pencils at the office. Even I get laid by the 23rd date.


Just for the record, anyone who passes on the chance to get naked with you is out of his mind.

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