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Josh: Did she just say that Stevie Nicks was here?
Nora: No, obviously not.
Josh: Well, obviously, that's what she said. That's exactly what she said. She said that Stevie Nicks was here.
Nora: Why would she say that? Oh my God. The life raft! What if they just woke up in their coffins?

Josh: Yeah, I kinda get it now. He's super compelling.
Sally: I kinda want to make out with him.

Josh: How is a witch entrusted with feeding the needy? I'm just wondering.
Nora: Why would you insult her?
Josh: I'm nervous. And this is weird. Please just give me that, okay?

I can't do this. I can never cut through the breastplate with this.


Your humanity is worth what we did.


I'm dead inside. I swear, if we go another psychic, you're going to have to go to a psychic to contact me.

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