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The son always kills the father, you'll see. I've never been so scared for you as I am now, Aidan. This is the proudest moment of your life, protecting your own. But it will haunt you forever.


No offense, Mom, but if someone in your situation were to get her door right now, I am done with this dimension.


With any God given grace, time heals. Time matures. I think it was you who tried to teach me that.


Sally: And don't mention anything about being a werewolf.
Josh: Right, because I usually lead with that.

Mom, do you have any idea how much I missed you? And in the first free second you have you're grinding on some gravestone with Jerry?


You really need to kill this guy.


Mr. Holier Than Thou turned out to be the most ruthless of us all didn't he?


I've missed you so much. You're rainy day sweater! You always said it made you feel safe.


One of the worst parts of dying was that split second when it hit me. Mom and dad aren't going to save me from this.

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