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No. Because everyone who loves you dies.


I never turned my back on Aidan. I never gave up.


Nora: I think she should stay with us, at least through her first turn.
Josh: Did you hear her social worker? She, she's gonna cut us in our sleep, with a shank or a, a shiv...
Nora: I think either is acceptable.

After Danny murdered me, I spend some time ghosting, then limbo - don't recommend it - and, uh, a witch brought me back. As, uh, what you kissed.


So you want me to screen my patients and hand them over to you so you and Henry can suck them dry.


Josh: You need to snap out of it.
Sally: I'm hungry.
Josh: They're empty calories, Sally.
Sally: Everything I eat is empty calories. Nothing sticks. I had two whole chickens last night. And a tub of ice cream. I have it handled. I'm just stressing. Every time I leave the house I think I'm going to think I'm going to kill somebody.

It takes weeks chatting up losers for one clean pint!


Why would I want to hurt you? You're the closest link I have to Brynn. We're like kin.

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