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Let me help you. I managed to stay hidden for the better part of a century. Together we have a chance. But you have to leave her behind.


Nora: There are other things I learned out there with Bryn. I learned how you can get back everything you ever wanted and never have to hurt anyone ever again.
Josh: You're not making any sense.
Nora: I know how to lift this curse, Josh. Forever.

Aidan: I'm free.
Josh: What?
Aidan: I'm free. From all of it.
Josh: Then isn't this great news? Shouldn't you be like in a field somewhere in white linen rolling around in daisies?

Josh, we were engaged. You don't just wade back in after that. You dive.


Aidan: What next stage? You already slept with her.
Josh: That wasn't me. Stu stole my penis.

Well I am guilty, aren't I? She's in the psych ward because I possessed her.


I feel like I'm watching stories with my memaw!


Aidan: No. I can't. Vampires don't drink werewolves.
Josh: Why?
Aidan: I don't know, because of the smell? I always just took the smell as a warning. Either way it's something we just don't ever do. Ever.
Josh: If this is one of those vampire Jim Crow laws, you need to get over it. You need blood and I have blood and Zoe is not an option.

I feel like I'm the only one trying. Like I'm dangling off a cliff by my fingertips and you're up there stomping on them!

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