One year we lost a balloon to a nor'easter and we had to shoot it down.


But I had Linda on my team last year. That's a handicap or else I would have kicked your ass but you better not tell her I said that.


Thanks but I think I'll stick to warm milk and whiskey.


Vanna, would you please tell Mr. Tommy Barone what he's won.


Bianca: What if I want to make it my business.
Jamie: Line forms to the right.

Danny: Be like being rookies all over again.
Frank: Better not. It ain't rookie duty.

But you're forgetting we almost had another homicide. Me!


Erin: I guess I owe you an apology.
Frank: Or at least a good bottle of Scotch.

Was it bring your sister to work day and nobody told me?


Blue Bloods Quotes

Frank: Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean. Who is neither tarnished or afraid.
Henry: Raymond Chandler?
Frank: His definition of a hero.

I'm not a big believer in coincidence.