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Nicky: Well, I'm glad I was born into this family.
Erin: Luck of the draw, Sweetie.

If you try and make me look bad you'll be bringing a knife to a gun fight.


Erin: We're making a condolence call to Anne Cleary.
Danny: Slash reinterview. Erin's my beard.

I particularly like the part right here about exploring new avenues. Makes unemployment sound exciting.


I really hate when people do bad things and blame it on my city.


Jackie: Do you Reagans ever take a day off?
Danny: Not if we can help it.

I'm only on the job six months so I figure the best way to learn is to ask questions of smart people.


Some eight hour days feel like a week.


All she sees is that I still wear the scarlet letter of New York City. The dreaded 718 Staten Island area code.

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