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Eddie: You're Milky, isn't it?
Chalky: Chalky.

Rothstein: I have thick skin Mr. Rosetti. Quite pale as you can see, but vert thick.
Lucky: Sticks and stones eh?

Eddie: That was me knocking.
Nucky: Thank you for informing me.

Margaret: What was that about?
Owen: He worries sometimes.

Margaret: I can hardly write, come discuss your vagina.
Friend: Couldn't you put a picture in it? Kittens maybe.

This place Leander, it's meant to be a dream. Every man who walks inside is young and handsome. Every girl is innocent, trusting and devoted. The light is flattering, the air is perfumed and nothing ever changes. Who doesn't need to believe that? Just for a little while.


Rothstein: I practice discretion.
Nucky: You practice bullsh-t. Who the fu-k are you Arnold? Aside from a little weasel with a good poker face.

Owing to your inability to manage your own affairs in New Jersey, a state I have little interest in or affection for. You expect me to start a war? In New York? Where things matter!?


You think I entered into this relationship because I value your companionship?

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