Adam: Good to know she's got your back.
Tommy: Yeah, with a bayonet.

People are complicated. They've got all these messy emotions.


Megan: You're telling me if I said yes, right now OK, let's go to a hotel room, you'd say no?
Tommy: That's not a fair question because I'm a guy.

We need to find that kid alive because I can not look at another dead boy today.


What's the deal with Officer Bad Ass?


The guy thinks I'm insensitive to the needs of rabid cannibals.


There could be hundreds of walking time bombs out there waiting to go off.


Well, I tell you what. The next rabid lunatic that pops up I'll send him your way.


Megan: Why would you think I'd want to go to a hockey game?
Tommy: Well, it's cold. There's a lot of blood. It's right up your alley.

Nice guys don't try to eat people.


Tommy: I was just going to call you.
Megan: But you decided to service your weapon instead.
Tommy: Yes, sometimes it's all a guy's got.

Kate: The first guy I like turns out to be a murderer.
Megan: Maybe a multiple murderer.

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Body of Proof Quotes

The body is the proof. It will tell you everything you need to know if you just have the patience to look.


Don't believe everything you've heard about me. The truth is much worse.

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