Choppers and an accused murderer under the big top. You still think this isn't a circus?


To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.


Nervous? Try walking a urine sample the size of a big gulp down to the toxicology lab, then we'll talk nervous.


You're either on our team or you're not and frankly I'm OK with whatever choice you make but you're going to make it. Now.


I will knock you out myself if you don't start talking.


Ethan: He hit a dentist?
Curtis: No fool. He hit somebody in the mouth with a loose filling.

Kirsten: You think I killed Johnny?
Samantha: I can't say that would shock us.

Bud: How do you women do it.
Megan: Do what?
Bud: Survive pregnancy?

Peter: What if you find the answer and you don't like it?
Megan: Jokes on me I guess.

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