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You look beautiful.

Brennan [to Samantha]

Booth: Steve Rifton, 26-year-old mailman reported missing by his wife twelve days ago. You figured out he was a mailman and guess what? He's a mailman!
Brennan: Why are you surprised?
Booth: It doesn't surprise me. It amazes me sometimes how you can figure that stuff out. It's a mailman! You figured that out!

Christine can't really do the things you say, Dad.


Well, I guess we now know who the good person in this relationship is.


Angela: I'm no coroner, but I'm saying the cause of death was humungous explosion.
Cam: The coroner concurs.

[to Brennan] You are the worst vacation taker in the world.


[to Sweets] It's like you never studied psychology at all.


Brennan: This is excellent work. Very thorough.
Caroline: Lovely. Makes me want to poke my eyes out.

[to Booth] Whatever's next, we'll handle it. We always do.

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