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Murder is bad enough, but soccer? That's anti-American.


[to Hodgins] Oh man, I so wish I could just hang out in the waiting room smoking cigars with the other dads.


[to Hodgins] My love for you is stronger than my gag reflex.


There's nothing worse than a woman scorned who has access to a three-sided hoe.


[to Hodgins] We're all a little crazy, and your crazy just happens to come out in a bizarre and revolting way.


[to Hodgins] Are you really going to give birth to a bug? Because I saw 'The Fly' and it did not end well.


You are not on loan to anyone, Mr. Bray. You belong to me. [To Cam] Was that tactless?


Brennan: I don't agree.
Booth: Right, of course you don't. Because, you know, tact is not your strong suit.

Brennan: It's our job to make the world a better place for our children. Don't you think that's possible?
Dr. Perez: I envy you your optimism.

Perez: I thought you would credit Dr. Brennan for the work here.
Edison: No, Dr. Brennan does that on her own. Take it from someone who's been there. The tougher she is the more respect she has for you.

[to Booth] Okay, let's do it the American way. Immediately and with a great deal of noise.

Inspector Valenza

Brennan: I find it's best not to be overly confident.
Dr. Perez: I was not aware you knew any other way to be.

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Save the girls.


You killed people, no judge, no jury , just you calling the shots.

Booth [to Broadsky]

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