Kitty: I thought you were going to take it easy.
Robert: Oh that? Relax. That's ...
Kitty: Do you know what happens when you tell somebody to relax? It actually has the opposite effect. It's scientifically proven.

Justin: What do you want? Seriously, what do you want? I mean, you move into our house. You're living off our mom ...
Ryan: I'm sorry, I forgot. That's your job.

Sarah: I wouldn't leave if I didn't think you guys could do it.
Kyle: Me and him? Are you kidding me? Before you, we were living like in a low-rent sty. Drinking beer in the shower.
Ethan: We got a lot of good ideas that way.

Maggie: I'm not a psychiatrist but your doodling does not look like the work of a woman that's just fulfilled her dream.
Nora: Yikes. It does look a bit disturbed.

Kevin: Just say, 'Mom, Tommy didn't come back from Mexico'.
Justin: Why me?
Kevin: Because I always have to break the bad news. I'm like the family grim reaper.

Robert: Listen, I'm sorry about today. You told me this terrible thing about Tommy and I was just ... a jerk. And I can see from your expression that you agree with my assessment.
Kitty: Pretty much.

Kitty: Why is there so much press here?
Scotty: Something tells me they're not here to rave about my canapes.

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