Saul: You know that wine of ours that just won.
Kevin: Of course.
Saul: It shouldn't have been that good. Those grapes were nothing special, but it is fantastic! And that's what I love so much about making wine -- you're surprised when you get much more than you put in. They tell me that parenting is very much like that -- seeing your child turn into something that you would never have predicted.

Sarah: I know where this is going. I've been down this road before -- feeling like I'm the only one taking responsibility.
Luc: Can't we just be happy?
Sarah: It just sounds so naive.
Luc: To me, that sounds cynical.

Sarah: What are we, Luc?
Luc: Sorry. Always trying to label everything. Us, wine, soaps.
Sarah: Yeah, I guess that's what grown-ups do. That's how we know something's real

Nora: You know, some people think women are like wine. They get better when they age.
Kevin: Not the fertility clinics. They tell you not to even consider anyone over twenty-five.

Shh. We need to be quiet. My wife may be here any minute.


This is the step where my son Justin split his head open when he was wasted out of his mind. Out there is the swimming pool where my husband drowned on my daughter's birthday. Up there in the very first bedroom is where I'm nursing Kitty through chemo. It's the very same bedroom that Sarah stayed in when she was going through her divorce. In there is the living room where my son Kevin married his partner Scotty. So this is the box I live in. It's not med school but it's not playing it safe either.


Wait, is this a joke? Or does your OCD actually run on some sort of fuel that you're out of?


Kitty: Don't you have anything to say?
Robert: Yeah ... it's good to be home.

[to Kitty] I love you... for reasons that have nothing to do with your hair.

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