Nora: You were so calm, explaining everything to everyone. I forgot how good you are in a crisis.
Justin: Mom, you forgot because I'm the one usually causing the crisis.

Scotty: You know, your friend has a new son. You have a new nephew.
Kevin: Have you seen him?
Scotty: Uh huh. And I think you'd better meet him before you do anything else.
Kevin: I don't feel presentable right now.
Scotty: It's okay, he won't mind. He's all blotchy too.

Sarah: (about Tommy) Would you just try talking to him, because he won't tell me anything.
Kevin: Say what?
Sarah: Say that we think he's trying to get rid of Holly and he can't break the law to do it.
Kevin: Sarah. Robert is having by-pass surgery. I don't have a place in my brain for this right now.

Robert: Oh, look at him. I'd forgotten how little newborns are.
Kitty: I know.
Robert: He needs a name.
Kitty: He does.
Robert: What's it going to be? Connor or Ben?
Kitty: I had an idea. Trish gave us this gift and I thought maybe it would be nice if we honored her.
Robert: I think naming him Trish would be child abuse.
Kitty: Trish Evans.
Robert: Evan.
Kitty: It means peaceful warrior.

Nora: Alright. You want Robert to miss it?
Kitty: He's not going to miss it, okay? There's going to be so many diapers to change. He's going to be changing diapers over and over and over again.
Nora: Be careful of that little penis. It's a sprinkler system.
Kitty: Don't worry because I have this ...
Nora: What the hell is that?
Kitty: A pee pee teeepee.

Tommy: Do you know that every CD store in the city is going out of business?
Sarah: Don't tell me you didn't get the music?
Tommy: Oh, I got Sister Sledge and Elvis Costello, but Harold Vick I couldn't even find him on iTunes.
Saul: I have everything he's ever done. The man is a total virtuoso.
Tommy: Why didn't you speak up before, Uncle Saul?
Saul: I did speak up. But for some unknown reason, your sister preferred to torture me with car seat installation.

Nora: (reading from a book on baby names) Rutherford. Ryan. Oh, sorry.
Kitty: No, actually that's ... Ryan, why not? That'll give you two of them to coddle.

Sarah: You're not stupid.
Kitty: No. I am stupid. I married a politician and then I'm surprised when he lies to me?

Kitty, when they put you in my arms and we looked at each other, and I looked in your big brown eyes, I didn't care that your father wasn't there. What mattered was that I had that one precious moment with you and I will always have that. This is the beginning of the most incredible relationship you will ever have. So get your big brown eyes back in there and go meet your baby.

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