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Michael: I'm going to get you out, we're close. The CIA.....
Fiona: I love you too Michael, we don't have much time. I don't want to talk about that.

Ahmed: You're killing me for the files
Pearce: No, we have the files, we have your son, and we have you. I'm not killing you, but your life is over.

Nate: That's why we are going to bust in on their ass and get the files.
Sam: Yes Nate, but when you say things like that, try to pretend you understand how dangerous it is.

Nate: Looks like Junior is not planning on coming back.
Sam: To bad he doesn't know his final destination. You don't have to pack that heavy for Gitmo.

Michael: I can get you a team.
Sam: Who Nate and your mom? [looks at Michael] Oh, wow, you're not kidding.

I hate to say brother, but your mouth may have written a check your butt can't cash.


This was waiting for me at home, meet the man who murdered my fiancé.

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