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Sam: Turns out you were access the files of a counter intelligence agent named Jessie Porter
Michael: Are they prosecuting him?
Sam: Doesn't look like it, they would have to declassify the files. They are black list the guy. Mike you just burned a spy.

Michael: When I caught Simon he laughed. He said it was just a matter of time until I was just like him.
Madeline [comforting Michael]: He's wrong honey, that isn't the son I raised.

You should keep that Michael guy around, you guys make a pretty good team.


This man is a freelance psychopath - and I'm the only one in a position to do anything about it.


Sam: Mike, your new cover ID. You're Tom Wellington Esquire. Lawyer for a shady international investment group.
Michael: Wellington?!
Sam: Hey, you wanna pick the name, you gotta go to the meeting. And listen to Barry talk about his skin regimen.

Sam: Easy on the explosives Fi. We're trying to nail this guy on corruption charges. Could be tough if he's in little pieces.
Fiona: We'll save on shipping.

(voice-over) One of the things covert operatives have to give up is the idea of a fair fight. Spies are not trained to fight fair. Spies are trained to win.


(to Falcone) You have a slug in your engine block. Your team is pinned down and I'm leaving with your boss. If I were you, I'd think about another line of work other than security.


Michael: (Carefully opens the birthday gift box from Fiona) It's a bayonet.
Fiona: Used during the first world war for close fighting.
Michael: Fi, thanks.
Fiona: Well, someone once told me that caring for you is like trench warfare. (Michael casts a narrow glance at the kitchen where his mother is) So I thought you should arm yourself.

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