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Fiona: There has to be a line
Michael: There is no line when it comes to you!

Sam called you; I knew I shouldn't have left him with his phone.


If you don't do this Fiona goes to jail for-ever and rots in a cage.


Reed: I'll buy the drinks
Jesse: Then you can definitely sit your ass down!

Sam: Fine we will sneak in there for a chat, but no explosives.
Fiona: I do have other skills; we're going to need a truck.

If Anson doesn't back off then I'm ending this one way or another.


Michael: You lied to me
Anson: I told you what you needed to hear.
Michael: One way or another, this is over, I'll see you in hell.

Spent most my life as a coward, but I'm gonna die a man.


Vaughn: He's not retiring, he's rebuilding, that organization that burned you, he's bringing that back online.
Michael: No.
Vaughn: You can try to stop it, but if I know Anson it's too late.

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