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To our beautiful family, our black President, and my magnificent dong.


Entertainment for the poor, that's what my mother always called children.


You look like America's next top smurf.


Rick Springfield: I made a girl come seven times once.
Marcy: Over the course of an entire relationship?

What are you doing moping in the fridge, 80's pop legend Rick Springfield is stealing your girl - not Jesse's girl - Runkle's girl.


Sue: To you the glass is always half empty!
Charlie: Right now my wife is half full or Rick Springfield.

Becca: Do you know what it's like to have no one and nothing, how totally awful that feels?
Hank: Yes, I think I do. Once upon a time I felt like that, but now I have you.
Becca: Yet somehow I still have nothing.

Karen: I like you like this.
Hank: What, all defeated and shit?
Karen: Yes!

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