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Hank: Sensible and trusting, that's me in a nutshell.
Abby: How high are you right now?
Hank: Significantly.

Dead monkeys and autoerotic asphyxiation? That's my cue.


Marci: What? I'm not good enough to get knocked up by god? Fuck you! Some friend you are.
Charlie: That monkey was a deviant and a cock blocker.

The rabbit done died.


You smell like cigarettes, champagne and cool ranch Doritos.

Jonathan Kasdan

Are you guys really sisters or is this kind of like some white stripes deal?


Let's get this golden shower started.


Not you Corrine, you give lousy head. You're timid and you lack focus. We need to get you some Ritalin.


Karen: Let's go get you a pregnancy test.
Marci: And some snacks?

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