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Believe it Sister Christian. Keep it in the family, taboo style


Nervous shitters are almost always found guilty.


Stu: I've become quite fond of that verbal diarrhea.
Marcy: That's lovely and disgusting Stu thanks.

I'm a man... sorta. I mean I can take it, I think.


That was intense, I almost wanted to fuck you to death but in a good way you know?


Hank: Well here's to difficult daughters.
Julia: Cheers.
Hank: And uh here's to mothers who drink with strangers.
Julia: Cheers, Cheers.

Girl makes it sound so pleasant. I have one big pain in the ass teenage daughter.


You never know Karen; just because we have a black president doesn't mean we talk about that shit.


You know what really scares me? I liked being fucked up, now more than ever. Is that a kid thing or a family thing?


Hank: I'm a writer Sasha not a fuck toy.
Sasha: Don't look now but your manpon string is hanging out.

Fucking sequels.


Hank: I feel a hate crime coming on.
Charlie: Don't be hatin' on the good news dance.

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Californication Season 4 Quotes

Remember how fast my masturbation video spread? That was unnerving.


Hank: What's that look?
Charlie: What look?
Hank: That shifty somewhat cunty look of yours.