You will always be my go to guy, Dad.

Alexis to Castle

We are so programmed by fear.


I tell you, these clothes, that car. I feel invincible man. LIke Ray Price, kicking ass and taking names '70s style. I get it now baby.


Kate Beckett: Thanks for coming to get me.
Rick Castle: Always.

By the way, hair gel? Not very manly.

It's a vlog! A video blog!

That's just the tip of the iceberg, are you ready for the Titanic?

He's a nut job but he's probably not our killer.


Dog Whisperer? Check. People Whisperer? Not so much.

Brian: I was being dramatic.
Esposito: How were you being when you shot her?

Beckett: Why do you always have to touch everything?
Castle: I thought you liked that about me.

Odette was a lock to win this show. It was probably one of her jealous rivals!


Castle Quotes

Money doesn't change who you are, it just magnifies your personality.


Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.