Ignorance is bliss.

Ryan: That strains credibility.
Esposito: Yeah, in a good way.

I'm a grown ass man.


Thank you, Mr. Castle. I know how ballistics work.


Talk about taking a header.

Dude, where's your car?

She knew that I had a relationship with you... er... with the NYPD.

I think the two of you should stop whining like two little school girls who weren't invited to the dance and be happy that your friends, your very dear friends have found a way to make it work, especially after all the hell those two have been through.

Capt. Gates

I know I heard.... Everything.

A mystery I might be able to solve, what a relief.

This place is seriously creepy for a cookie factory.

Castle: Speaking of your sister.
Gates: Let's not.

Castle Quotes

Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.


Castle: How do you know when you're in love?
Beckett: All the songs make sense.