I'll be with him no matter wherever this leads and I promise you I'm not going to let him go too far.

Kate Beckett

You know I'd rather be with you.


Witness refuses to cooperate.


She's dead really only has the one meaning.

An officer and a gentleman. That could be the name of our crime log.

You are seriously milking this whole I've been missing for two months thing aren't you?


Beckett: What was so important that you had to cut my sparring session short?
Castle: Just that I cracked this case wide open. You know, the thought of you fighting in the ring with another woman; strangely arousing.

Castle: The thrill they get from pulling a con, it's like a drug high.
Capt. Montgomery: Con many was on drugs?
Beckett: No sir, Castle was just giving us psychological insight based on his extensive experience as a fraud.

He really is ruggedly handsome.

Ryan (looking at cutout of Castle)

Castle: Our killer is a ninja.
Beckett: Or he is just an athletic person with a hooded track suit.

I'm not used to losing.

Hurts like these take time to heal.

Castle Quotes

Sometimes it's the people we think we know best that we don't really know at all.


I was in Thailand getting shot at with Chuck Norris?

Rick Castle