It's like we've been doing this dance for five years and what happens when the music stops?


Rejection isn't failure, failure is giving up.

Beckett: Are you looking at porn?
Castle: I use Ryan's computer for that.

Believe me, Beckett has plenty of experience taking a bullet for other people doing stupid things. Hell, she's married to me.

Rick Castle

So, it wasn't a dream.

Richard Castle, one word short. I cannot allow this to be my epitaph.

What the hell did Castle get her in to?


I don’t know if I’m surprised. You are pretty lovable.

Rick Castle

Castle: What happened to that rebellious girl with the leather jacket and the motorcycle? Would she say can't?
Beckett: She enforces the law now and drinks expensive wine.

Castle: I hate going to weddings alone.
Beckett: Well maybe we could be each others' plus ones.

So instead of Mai Tais we get murder.

Beckett: Why do you always have to touch everything?
Castle: I thought you liked that about me.

Castle Quotes

Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.


Kate Beckett: You texted Castle and not me?
Kevin Ryan: Well, when you have a crazy theory you don't call the voice of reason.