Looks like Castle isn't too far off with his Jason Bourne theory.


If I'm anything, I'm discrete.

You can't just stay out of my personal life, can you?


Putting the job ahead of your heart is a mistake.

Mike Royce

Aren't you two practically living together now?


Witness refuses to cooperate.


You know Beckett, she keeps it close to the vest.


There is nothing natural about cyanide poisoning.

My precinct is no place for vendettas.

Victoria Gates

Don't get up yet, stay in bed.

Beckett:Oh ya like that do ya.
Castle: Oh ya very Miami Vice.

Castle: Gates can see.
Beckett: I don't care.

Castle Quotes

Castle: How do you know when you're in love?
Beckett: All the songs make sense.

Back stabbing, adultery and betrayal. That is why I hate politics.

Kate Beckett