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Ryan:It's like soccer, you score in our goal it's still our point.
Beckett:Soccer huh.
Esposito:Works for me.
Castle:Well what about baseball? Because this team just knocked one right out of the park.
*Beckett clicks, whistles*
Ryan:But our team was supposed to be up to bat.
Beckett:Again with that one.
Castle:Your team was to scared to even get off the bus.
Esposito:Uh Castle our team drove the bus.
Castle:Ok Nascar then, as our car flew through the checkard finish line your car crashed and burned
Beckett:Under a beautiful full moon.

Esposito: A warm milk nightcap with your lady? That is sad, bro.
Ryan: It helps her sleep.
Esposito: How about the sound of your voice? It works on me.

You know, if this was one of those super-sciencey forensics shows, they'd stick some electrodes in these fishes' brains. Get a fish eye's view of whatever they saw.


Esposito: Loser wears a dress to the precinct for a week.
Ryan: And why stop there? Loser also shaves his head. Or are you chicken?
Castle: You're on, honey milk.

Ryan: How you doing, Dr. Perlmutter?
Dr. Perlmutter: Shhhh! The body is speaking.
Esposito: What's it saying?
Dr. Perlmutter: It's saying "somebody shot me."

Castle: What is it about full moons that bring out all the crazies?
Beckett: I don't know, you tell me.

Dr. Parish: Looks like a patient lost his patience.
Castle: Also his command of grammar. You're should be you-'-re as in you are, that's not even a tough one not like when to use who or whom.
Beckett: Do you really think that's the take away here Castle?
Castle: I'm just saying whoever killed her also murdered the English language.

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