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What do you say Beckett? Want to have a baby?


Being a dad is like being a cop. No matter what they teach you in the academy you learn on the streets and you did OK with that, right?


Beckett: Is there any evidence of the baby in the footage.
Ryan: No, only three men and a Mustang.

Oh, I did not know that about you. I suppose you hate rainbows too.


How can you be logical in the face of that face?


I'm suddenly getting a clear and frightening visual of what my future will look like.


Lanie: A boy. I'm guessing he's about 3 months and he's hungry because he keeps going after the girls.
Castle: Well, who can blame him?

Castle: When we do this, let's not do the dead body in the middle of the aisle.
Beckett: OK. Good call.

Beckett: So you guys dress up for Thanksgiving?
Castle: Doesn't everybody?
Beckett: No, I think that's pretty special to you.

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