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Call me a muse again and I will break both your legs -k-


Beckett:She's naked.
Castle:She's not naked, she is holding a gun... strategically.

Beckett:You wanna talk about something how about the cover for your new novel?
Castle:Nikki Heat cover art? but that's only available.. OH my god you subscribe to my website!?

My lifeless remains cannot sue the city?

Castle:You know what you need.
*Beckett glares*
Castle:A night on the town.
Beckett:A what now?

Baby bird?

Castle:It seems like I've got a fan.
Beckett:Ya a really deranged fan.
Castle:oh you don't look that deranged to me.
Castle:Hell Hath No Fury? Angry wickens out for blood? Only hard core Castle groupies read that one.

Beckett:Mr. Castle you've got quite a rap sheet for a best selling author. It says here you stole a police horse?
Beckett:Ah. and you were nude at the time.
Castle:It was spring.
Beckett:And every time the charges were dropped.
Castle:Well the mayors a fan but if it makes you feel any better I would be happy to let you spank me.

Cute trick, but don't think you know me.

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