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Castle:Did she just flip her hair?
Esposito:I'm tellin ya, puppies man. puppies.

Ryan:It's like soccer, you score in our goal it's still our point.
Beckett:Soccer huh.
Esposito:Works for me.
Castle:Well what about baseball? Because this team just knocked one right out of the park.
*Beckett clicks, whistles*
Ryan:But our team was supposed to be up to bat.
Beckett:Again with that one.
Castle:Your team was to scared to even get off the bus.
Esposito:Uh Castle our team drove the bus.
Castle:Ok Nascar then, as our car flew through the checkard finish line your car crashed and burned
Beckett:Under a beautiful full moon.

Esposito:Lookin good Detective Beckett.
Beckett:How did you...
Ryan:We're detectives.
Esposito:Called your dad.
Beckett:Alright,alright you've had your fun. I was 16 and I thought that modeling would be a better way to make money then waitressing,it was one summer no big deal.... Oh and if you say anything to Castle I swear I will kill you.

Do they know they are finishing each others sentences?


Esposito:So was it like a Mamma Mia thing? Ya I bet your mom was really wild back then.
Castle:You really need to stop talking now.

Castle is famously fatherless.


That was Joe Freakin Torrey, I gotta call my dad!


Beckett, Kate, Detective


Castle:We should have a catch phrase. She's armed, He's Dangerous
Beckett:Na Uh
Castle:A new chapter in crime solving... get it chapter.

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