Rick Castle at a loss for words? Must be a first.


Murder plus kidnapping equals more years than you have left.


Gives new meaning to the term overkill.

There, your better half.

Martha (as Castle's phone rings)

You two are a walking fairytale.


Beckett: Did you just say Kate? Are you picturing you as the PI and me as the gangster's girlfriend?
Castle: No!

That's the stuff dreams are made of.

I got no love for this thing, just you.

Why am I narrating?

She was worth every punch.

If I'm anything, I'm discrete.

Where have you been all my life?

Castle Season 4 Quotes

That's the stuff dreams are made of.


Castle: I seem to remember asking you to make me an ET costume and you told me you didn't know how to sew.
Martha: Details. Besides, you were 32 at the time.