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Roulette, it figures. It's a punk game.


Eve: What happened with you after the story broke?
Kate: You can google all the ugly details.

High end footwear and I have a special relationship.


Shoes are like sushi they don't travel well.


Ray: Usually the best private detectives work within the law.
Kate: Actually the best private detectives solve the case.

Eve: Stalker with a heart of gold.
Abby: Willing to walk through a restraining order for the woman he loves.

Watch your mouth Jerry or you'll have to talk to her instead of me.


Why do all creeps have to be world class sprinters?


Abby put the cat in cat burglar.


If you want to survive you have to adapt.


The great white shark of Wall Street can be relentless even in captivity.


Just remember, you're angels of justice not angels of vengeance.

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Charlie's Angels Quotes

Abby: He's single, he's straight, and he has a life plan.
Gloria: Mixing Mojitos?

One fashion emergency is enough for tonight.