No, talk to me. Are you really saying you wish you were dead?


Well, at least you're admitting it, but Sara, I'm not my mom and by the way, Brenna's not you.


I forgive you.


Oh my god, you're couch is so comfortable.


Beth: Two Blackberry's?
April: Maybe one's for playing Bejeweled.

Sara: Where are you two going?
Emma: We're going to the Miley Cyrus concert.
Sara: Really?
Sara: No, but I figured you'd believe anything.

Are you trying to give me one? Why are you sneaking in?


Raquel: First rule of TV interviews: people can tell when you're being fake.

I don't even know what to say.


I just feel like a freak, like I have this weird, dark secret.


I don't know what to say.


Beth: April, what is going on with yourself? You're embarassing yourself.
April: You're the one dancing around like some trashy girl from Florida.
Beth: Okay, what is your problem with Natalie?
April: Okay, let's see, she kissed my ex boyfriend for starters.
Beth: Yeah, your ex boyfriend and it was an honest mistake by the way.
April: Was it an honest mistake when you lied to me about going clubbing with her the other night. Thanks for the invite, by the way.
Beth: Wait, why would I invite you? April, we went to the same club earlier that night and you wanted to leave.
April: Well, I'm sorry Beth. Is my cancer inconveniencing you?
Beth: You know what. It is, actually.
April: Well, I must be out your way so you can enjoy your party.
Beth: Really April, you're going to make me feel guilty after how much I have been there for you? Taking you to doctors appointments. Staying in whenever you don't feel like going out and literally dropping everything the second that you need me.
April: I get it. I'm a huge burden.
Beth: Oh mu god, I'm not talking about you right now. I'm talking about me, for once. I need time for myself, too.
April: Then it's a good thing you found your soul mate in Natalie. Have fun taking dumb selfies together.

Chasing Life Quotes

April: I have leukemia.
Beth: Hilarious. Seriously, what's up?
April. No. Seriously. I have leukemia.

Dominic: So, no secret boyfriend.
April: No.
Dominic: You're just sleeping with your uncle?
April: Yes.
Dominic: That's fine!