Beth: Two Blackberry's?
April: Maybe one's for playing Bejeweled.

Sara: Where are you two going?
Emma: We're going to the Miley Cyrus concert.
Sara: Really?
Sara: No, but I figured you'd believe anything.

Are you trying to give me one? Why are you sneaking in?


Raquel: First rule of TV interviews: people can tell when you're being fake.

I don't even know what to say.


I just feel like a freak, like I have this weird, dark secret.


I don't know what to say.


Beth: April, what is going on with yourself? You're embarassing yourself.
April: You're the one dancing around like some trashy girl from Florida.
Beth: Okay, what is your problem with Natalie?
April: Okay, let's see, she kissed my ex boyfriend for starters.
Beth: Yeah, your ex boyfriend and it was an honest mistake by the way.
April: Was it an honest mistake when you lied to me about going clubbing with her the other night. Thanks for the invite, by the way.
Beth: Wait, why would I invite you? April, we went to the same club earlier that night and you wanted to leave.
April: Well, I'm sorry Beth. Is my cancer inconveniencing you?
Beth: You know what. It is, actually.
April: Well, I must be out your way so you can enjoy your party.
Beth: Really April, you're going to make me feel guilty after how much I have been there for you? Taking you to doctors appointments. Staying in whenever you don't feel like going out and literally dropping everything the second that you need me.
April: I get it. I'm a huge burden.
Beth: Oh mu god, I'm not talking about you right now. I'm talking about me, for once. I need time for myself, too.
April: Then it's a good thing you found your soul mate in Natalie. Have fun taking dumb selfies together.

Beth: I've hardly seen you tonight.
April: Well, maybe if you weren't up Natalie's butt we could have hung out more.

Sara: No one listens to me.
Brenna: What'd you say?

Beth: That's what you're wearing?
Natalie: Yes.
Beth: Let's just say you're not gonna be making it easy for him to move on.

Dominic: Did I do something bad to you?
Natalie: Not yet.

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Chasing Life Quotes

April: I have leukemia.
Beth: Hilarious. Seriously, what's up?
April. No. Seriously. I have leukemia.

Dominic: So, no secret boyfriend.
April: No.
Dominic: You're just sleeping with your uncle?
April: Yes.
Dominic: That's fine!