Nelson: Al Nelson, I'm with the Board of Ethics. I'm here to discuss the bribe you received.
Casey: I didn't realize the Board of Ethics would be involved.
Nelson: No? Do you know what the Board of Ethics does?

Chief Boden once told me, "a hero's not somebody who's unafraid, it's the guy who's scared to death and does what's right anyway."


Jimmy: Is it Groundhog Day or am I having a flashback?
Brett: Nope, same place.

What can I say? I got a magic tongue. [to Mouch] Don't say it.


Brett: You should definitely get that looked at.
Otis: Oh my God, are you saying I have cancer?
Brett: No Otis, I'm not saying you have cancer. I'm saying get a doctor to look at it so you don't give yourself an ulcer.

Cruz: His mom is due back when now?
Severide: An hour and a half ago.
Cruz: Well he's not gonna be a firefighter. Maybe a dog trainer.

I don't even know why I'm talking to you two anyway, you can't even lock down a man.


Herrmann: Mouch, I swear to you, six days from now you're going to be wearing sweats, watching the history channel, and eating Rocky Road.
Mouch: You promise?
Herrmann: Twenty-two years of experience.
Severide: That sounds good to you, Mouch? Rocky Road?
Mouch: Would you prefer ballroom dancing?

Kidd: Sounds like a wild table, better bring your A-game Severide.
Severide: That's all I got.
Kidd: So breaking and entering is your A-game?

Mouch: Are you still willing to be my best man?
Herrmann: What happened to Trudy's brother?
Mouch: Trudy won't say exactly, but Logan got put on the no fly list.

Otis: Why can't we vote online yet? They do in Canada. Some parts, anyway.
Casey: They do a lot of strange things in some parts of Canada.

Hey, does Grant know that in order to play music at Annabelle's birthday party, he actually has to be here?


Chicago Fire Quotes

Jimmy: Hey guys, the tortoise is getting away.
Dawson: Mouch, you gonna stop it?
Mouch: What's the rush?

Dawson: Do I have clearance to hug you now?
Casey: You do.