We are having the wedding here. I'll be damned if Chief Riddle or anyone else is gonna change my way of running this house. He wants to fight, then lets fight.


I'm not distraught, I'm angry, okay? Are you this worried about male firefighters' emotional condition when they return from medical leave?


All right guys, please stop, you can take the kid gloves off. What happened, happened. I've been cleared for duty, ready to work, and I am happy to knock anyone's teeth out who treats me like a snowflake.


Severide: I know what kind of man you are, show me that I'm right.
Duffy: I'm sorry Kelly, but you're wrong.

Brett: Did he say anything to you?
Lionel: If he talked to me, I'd be passed out next to him, not standing here with you.

Hermann: You're amazing, you know that?
Cindy: I think it's more the power of the church phone tree.
Hermann: No, it's you.

We broke into a shed up the block. We owe 3226 a padlock.


Casey: Will, do everything you can for the baby. If it comes down to a choice, you save my girl.
Will: Matt, truth time, when I'm in there she's the only one I'm trying to save.

Mouch: You know you got a better chance of being hit by a truck, right?
Hermann: People get hit by trucks everyday, otherwise we'd be out of a job.

Chili: What do pregnant chicks like?
Brett: I don't know, cakes made out of diapers?
Chili: Why the hell would you make a cake out of a diaper?

Hold up, you let her borrow your car? You don't even let me look at your car!


Casey: Kid's got potential. Might be the best candidate I've seen come through here.
Otis: Hey, former candidate right here.

Chicago Fire Quotes

I'm just saying no one does his best work with cross-hairs on his back.


Hey! One hand on the beam, Cal, and I don't care if you're carrying a cow! Men die when they relax!