Otis: Let's do this. Good-bye friend zone. Hello, end zone!
Dawson: That doesn't make any sense.
Otis: It's like a sports metaphor...for sex.
Dawson: That's why you're not getting any.

Otis: Hey, you okay?
Brett: Yeah I'm fine. I'm from Indiana so I've been through my share of tornadoes.

Herrmann: So hey, when's the big day buddy?
Mouch: We haven't exactly set a date yet, we don't want to rush into anything.
Herrmann: Yeah of course man, you're young, you've got your whole life ahead of you. Why rush?
Mouch: I see your sense of humor is still intact. That's too bad.

He's the beating heart of 51.


Freddie: You want me dead for what I did.
Cruz: Freddie, I am mad as hell, yeah, but I do not want you dead.

Freddie: What happened to Herrmann bro, I didn't mean to man, it just happened.
Cruz: You let it happen Freddie. Don't ever forget that. You let it happen.

You know what? Just tell him he better hope the cops find him before I do.


Platt: It's me that should apologize. I mean yeah, that proposal was really messy and half-assed, but then again so are you. But, you are also the kindest and most honest man I have ever met, and I would be the luckiest girl on Earth to call you mine. Randall McHolland, will you marry me?
Mouch: Trudy Platt, marrying you would be my greatest honor.

Hey, you get healed up, okay? I can't do my work right without my mentor around to bully me.


With all due respect sir, go to hell.


Chief, I don't know who Roger Maddox had to step on to get where he is in life. but he picked the wrong people this time. We're the ones who run into the fires when the rats are running out. He's just another rat. We're gonna step on him.


Dawson: So, how you feeling?
Boden: Like I've got a rock hanging over my head. Rope holding it up is about to snap.

Chicago Fire Quotes

See that? There's always hope. As long as there are good people in this world willing to step up and lend a hand. Here's to the victims. Here's to hope.


Mills: Brett, where are you?
Brett: I'm here.

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