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Boden: Here's the thing. I run into burning buildings for a living, but I run away from relationships.And I guess I just, I got scared, Donna. And now, you were the best thing that happened to me...
Donna: I can't get into this right now.

I just want to know how a girl as tough as Jones could let her father push her to the breaking point.


When Jones first arrived at 51, I made it clear that I wasn't someone she that could come to for help. I thought she needed a little tough love.


You can always take my word at face value.


Mouch, my entire relationship with Connie is based on asking her for as little as possible.


Hermann: Wow, aren't you full of mysteries.
Clark: Yup.

Look, it’s going to take more than homophobia and too much eyeshadow to win my affections Rafferty.


51 saved my life, man.


Chief, the only thing you did was stand up for the firefighters in your house. The same thing you’ve been doing since you put on the bugles. This isn’t over.

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