Chicago Fire

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Chicago fire
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Casey: Well, you gotta admit, he's happy.
Dawson: She's a graphic artist he met at the craps table. Her name is Brittany and she's from Florida? You know what that adds up to? Stripper!
Casey: What do you have against Florida?

Mouch: You throw a pot see, and it looks pretty good. But you only have a short while to make adjustments before it dries. Is it really the pot for you? Maybe you're looking for something rounder? You have to decide quick before that pot dries and it's yours forever.
Severide: So you're saying marriage is like a pot.
Mouch: Yes, yes. And nothing is dried yet Kelly.

Boden: Looks like the trip was good for you.
Severide: Yea. Vegas was great. You know played a little craps, hit the pool, got some sun, and oh yea, I got married.

Cruz: Dominican sausage and peppers!
Dawson: Dude. If you keep calling your food "Dominican" I'm going to have to kick your ass on behalf of an entire country.

It’s my job as an old firefighter to teach the young firefighters how to become old ones.


Madmen and fools are in the game for thrills, but wise men are all about the money.


You dig deep enough, sooner or later you are going to find a body.


You quit giving somebody a second chance they stop having one. I need your help on this.


Look, we all get invested. But there’s a line you can’t cross ok? Don’t get involved.


On his hip means on his hip Dawson.


Herrmann: You a baseball fan Dawson?
Dawson: Kind of.
Herrmann: The academy, that's like tball. This, this is the "bigs." Stick with me, I'll school ya.

Cruz: Watch out boys, Severide is looking for drinking buddies for tomorrow night.
Otis: Again? My liver’s still mad at me for Friday.
Herrmann: That guy oughta spend a quiet night at home for once.

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Chicago Fire Quotes

I guess what I’m trying to say is, dark skies don’t always mean rain.


Hey! One hand on the beam, Cal, and I don't care if you're carrying a cow! Men die when they relax!