All right guys, please stop, you can take the kid gloves off. What happened, happened. I've been cleared for duty, ready to work, and I am happy to knock anyone's teeth out who treats me like a snowflake.


Severide: I know what kind of man you are, show me that I'm right.
Duffy: I'm sorry Kelly, but you're wrong.

Brett: Did he say anything to you?
Lionel: If he talked to me, I'd be passed out next to him, not standing here with you.

Hermann: You're amazing, you know that?
Cindy: I think it's more the power of the church phone tree.
Hermann: No, it's you.

We broke into a shed up the block. We owe 3226 a padlock.


Casey: Will, do everything you can for the baby. If it comes down to a choice, you save my girl.
Will: Matt, truth time, when I'm in there she's the only one I'm trying to save.

Mouch: You know you got a better chance of being hit by a truck, right?
Hermann: People get hit by trucks everyday, otherwise we'd be out of a job.

Chili: What do pregnant chicks like?
Brett: I don't know, cakes made out of diapers?
Chili: Why the hell would you make a cake out of a diaper?

Hold up, you let her borrow your car? You don't even let me look at your car!


Casey: Kid's got potential. Might be the best candidate I've seen come through here.
Otis: Hey, former candidate right here.

I'm pretty sure it's impossible to be allergic to sugar.


Jimmy: What's Molly's?
Hermann: Molly's? It's the best damn refuge in this city. A salt of the Earth kind of joint where we serve cold comfort to red-blooded Americans.
Jimmy: So a bar?

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Chicago Fire Quotes

I perjured myself for you Kelly.


Jimmy: Is it Groundhog Day or am I having a flashback?
Brett: Nope, same place.