Can you hear me Chuck? I love you Chuck. Nothing's ever gonna change that. And if you ask me for real, then the answer would be yes.


Chuck: What is that smell?
Casey: That is the stench of tyranny.

Chuck: Morgan is going to need at least five hours of my time every week for Halo purposes.
Sarah: And I need 30 minutes of complete silence before sleep.
Chuck: Which is going to be a challenge with my cuddling needs.

Actually Costa Gravas is very stable. We have peace now...and subway sandwich franchises.

Juan Pablo

You wear your teeth-bleaching system in front of me, we should be able to talk, no?

Casey: I need some fresh air.
Chuck: In an underground bunker?

Awesome (to Ellie's stomach): This is one of daddy's favorite jams for tri-blasting.
Ellie: Devon, do you know you haven't addressed me in over an hour?

Morgan: In a world filled with awkward Chuck and Sarah moments, there was a moment so awkward...
Chuck: Morgan! Please don't torture me.

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