(to Devon, about Jeffster!) Why are you letting Sam Kinison and an Indian lesbian wreck your wedding?


Chuck: What exactly is this?
Casey: It's your pay packet, numb-nuts.
(Chuck opens the envelope)
Chuck: Hiyo! Whoa!
Casey: Yeah, you know, if you were a true patriot, you wouldn't even cash it.

Sarah: Chuck, did you just flash?
(Rogue agent Miles looks over Chuck)
Miles: He uploaded it.
Casey: Oh...Chuck me.

Beckman: We'd like you to be an analyst. Your country is calling you, Mr. Bartowski.
Chuck: Well, then I think my country might have the wrong number, 'cuz I'm just Chuck Bartowski, not a hero.

Ted Roark: I believe we've met before.
Chuck: Ted Roark.
Ted Roark: No, I'm Ted Roark. You're the CIA agent who's in deep trouble.

Ted Roark: (aiming a shotgun at Chuck during Ellie's wedding) Hmm, a real shotgun wedding. Just think: that terrible pun is the last thing you'll ever hear.

(Sarah fixes Chuck's bowtie, her hands lingering on his chest)
Sarah: You look like a real spy.
Chuck: You look like a real bridesmaid. (They pause) Sarah, I--
Sarah: Wait, uh, there is something that I have to tell you.
Chuck: I can't wait. I can't wait, I can't wait any longer, okay? Everyone keeps asking me what I'm gonna do with my future, and the truth is I don't have a clue. All I do know is I want you to be in it.
Sarah: Please, I really have to tell you--
Chuck: No. No guns, no lies. Just us. Just like I've always wanted. I've recently come into a little bit of money, so any place you want to go, any place at all, as long as it's sunny with little umbrella drinks...what I'm getting at here is: Sarah Walker, will you do me the honor...of taking a vacation with me?
Sarah: Chuck, I'm leaving in the morning. The details are classified, but I'm working on the new Intersect project. With Bryce.
Chuck: Bryce?
Sarah: I'm-- I'm so sorry; I wanted to wait until after the ceremony to tell you.
(Chuck pauses, stunned, devastated, and fighting to control his growing anger)
Chuck: Thank you for coming to the wedding. Good for the cover. (He storms away)

(Devon grabs Morgan by the collar)
Devon: Morgan, you are ruining my wedding!
Morgan: Listen to me: if you hit me, know that it only teaches me to hit!

(Chuck pulls Casey into a hug)
Chuck: See? Guys can hug.
Casey: Not if they don't have their man-parts.
Chuck: It's a good point. (He withdraws)

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