I am way too hungry to be mature about something like this.


That's my partner, and I'm the only one who gets to talk like that about him....just some professional advice.


Travis: People on ecstasy don't even like you.
Wes: That's rude.

Travis: We hate people who don't help people when they ask for directions.
Wes: We also hate gun runners.

They are the yin to each others' yang. I hope you have a trick up your sleeve to unite their chi.


Please don't eat that in front of me. Honestly, I think I'm dying. I'm starving to death.


Wes: Sweet couple. Wonder what they got each other for Valentine's day.
Travis: Look's like they got each other restraining orders.

Travis: If you tell me she is a no-fly zone then I will let it go. That's Bro Code.
Wes: I am not sure about the parameters of this whole Bro code.

Travis: Did we just make progress?
Wes: We must be doing something wrong.

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