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You're a deeply damaged man.


Bro Code? Is this college?!


Your whole life is a special circumstance.


So you get to be the fun one and I get to provide all the discipline.


I'm worried about the dog and yelling at you is making me feel better!


Travis: You ever get tired of being you?
Wes: Occasionally, but somebody's gotta do it.

Wes: I see what you did there. You laid a little trap for me.
Travis: You keep lobbin' 'em up and I keep shootin' 'em home.

Damn, you go girl.

Travis [about Wes]

Yeah, that's right. I just broke a glass for no apparent reason!


Travis: We don't do the learning.
Wes: That's kind of an unwritten rule in our thing.

I'm the one teaching lessons here. Tomorrow, school is back in session, baby.


When I find a horse that I want to ride, then I will....I don't want to finish.

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Common Law Quotes

If he takes care of you the way he takes care of that car, then you're one lucky lady.

Mechanic [about Wes]

Travis: We hate people who don't help people when they ask for directions.
Wes: We also hate gun runners.