Stop counting.

Wes [to Travis]

Wes: It's like whack-a-mole......
Travis: Whack-a-mole. Got it.

You got that performance anxiety!

Travis [to Wes]

Be Liz, be proud.


Just for the record, I expect you to go totally postal like this one day.


When does actual communication become actual arrests?


Raise up a hand if you think Wes took a big step last night...


No, us local folks like helping our friends at the government.


So who's up for spanking?


Travis: If you tell me she is a no-fly zone then I will let it go. That's Bro Code.
Wes: I am not sure about the parameters of this whole Bro code.

Completely therapized and ready to move on.


Travis: Did we just make progress?
Wes: We must be doing something wrong.

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Common Law Quotes

If he takes care of you the way he takes care of that car, then you're one lucky lady.

Mechanic [about Wes]

Travis: We hate people who don't help people when they ask for directions.
Wes: We also hate gun runners.

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