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Stop being meta. Stop taking everything we do and shoving it up its own ass.


Can we please stop fighting? We're starting to hurt innocent perverts.


I'm Jeff Winger. I love working this Blackberry because it really tones my thumbs.


Harrison Ford is irradiating our testicles with microwave satellite transmissions!


Jeff: It's not you, it's me.
Britta: It's you.

Feast your ear tongues on these memory pops.


Abed: The Cape is premiering!
Britta: Humanity is premiering you jag!

Jeff: It's called chemistry. I have it with everybody.
Shirley: Everybody? I haven't felt any of that chemistry coming my way. I don't know if it's because your racist or because I intimidate you sexually, but I know it's one of those two.

Abed, you're a computer. Scan your mainframe for some juicy memories.


Troy: Didn't we decide at the beginning of the year that for the good of the group we wouldn't allow any intimacy between each other or ourselves?
Jeff: We never said ourselves.
Troy: Ok, now I'm really mad!

That dude was hard core racist. Like 1800's Disney style.


It's like a reverse cow birth!

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Community Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

I can't believe our assignment is to make a diorama of us making our nineteenth diorama.


We wanted to get him a sawed off shotgun, but those are expensive already.