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You've never seen one on the Internet, or in pictures, or Harvey Keitel's?


Pierce: At some point a man stops looking for a place to hang his underwear and starts looking for a place to hang his hat.
Jeff: I'm sorry I was waiting for that to become inappropriate or racist.

Troy: That's it, we're arm wrestling.
Abed: Like Stallone in Over the Top? I'm not sure about the rules, don't I need a semi truck and a ten year old son?

Jeff: Just this morning as I was shaving while listening to some Jay-Z, I was thinking about going for a gallop.
Secretary: Do you own a horse?
Jeff: Can you ever really own a horse?

The dean is counting me on. I have to make sure he knows someone he can trust. We have to break into his office.


Being a Virgin in this day and age is something to be proud of, you're like a unicorn.

Shirley [to Annie]

it's impossible to guard you, your eyes are too gentle and mysterious.

Troy [to Abed]

Jeff [reading cookie]: You got AIDs, unless you go to the Greendale STD fair.
Annie: I wrote that.
JefF: Congratihorrible.

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