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Kellog: Oh yeah! We were playing a game where you seem to think you know what’s going on and that’s supposed to have an effect on me. Well, you can save your breath because nothing is going to get you whatever it is you want.
Kiera: Escher was Alec’s father.
Kellog: Ah. That I did not see coming.

Carlos, I realize it’s hard to reconcile all these contradictions but, believe it or not, I know you just as well as she did. Maybe even better. The Carlos I know stood right beside me when everybody else turned their backs. Your partner is still very much alive.


When someone travels back in time to a time when they have existed, they will run into themselves. And it causes problems.


Kiera: You destroyed everything. My family may never exist now, thanks to you.
Alec: I know. I know and I’m sorry.

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