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Carlos: You know, you're starting to sound an awful lot like Liber8. First Betty, now you.
Kiera: You know, I don't mind learning a few things from Betty.

Carlos: You know if we had been working together, you could have told me Adele was alive with just one look.
Kiera: You think Dillon split us up on purpose?
Carlos: It would mean he knew this was coming.
Kiera: There's only one way to find out.

Betty: Don't tell me you're switching horses. You are?
Kiera: This? Doesn't feel right.
Betty: [smiles] No it doesn't. Leave it with me.

I see you Protector. You're not sure of anything anymore.


Dillon: Agent Cameron, are cops assholes?
Kiera: Sometimes. Sir.

Dillon: You think we can trust Betty's intel?
Kiera: I think she wants back in the department more than anything.
Dillon: Let's see if she's right.

Kellog: What's in it for me?
Curtis: You want to cheat death, Kellog? Help me and I'll teach you how.

Kiera: [answering phone] Cameron.
Curtis: Bitch cop.

Kiera: This is serious.
Samantha: I agree. You're not the only one who gets to take a leap for what she believes in. People should have the freedom to move, to think for themselves, to chase ridiculous dreams if that's what they want. ARREST ME!
Kiera: She's done nothing wrong.
CPS: She's here, isn't she?
Samantha: Kiera, you wanna be become this? Be rebellious in another way.
Kiera: I am not rebelling.
Samantha: Against me darlin'? Oh yes. Yes you are. It's OK to be wrong, but eventually you gotta own up. You're strong, baby, but that's not everything. I love you!

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