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I'm saying I'm not asleep anymore. Thank you. I'm going home.


Edouard: Take what you're feeling and put it toward something right. This is your place and your time. Follow your instincts to take a moral stand.
Sonya: I'm not a revolutionary Edouard.
Edouard: No, you're a healer, and that's something far more useful.

What the corporation cannot own, it destroys.The gleaners brought this on themselves. Greed poisons, it punishes everyone.


Sadler: If your wife has paid the ultimate price, it will not go unnoticed.
Greg: I suppose I'm looking for meaning in it all. Something to tell our son to help him understand.
Sadler: The meaning is all around you. SadTech and the other members of the Corporate Congress. Their sole purpose is to enrich the lives of all the citizens. To preserve the promise of a civil society, to never again slip into the chaos of the past. You tell your son his mother's life, her sacrifice to the corporation, has enabled all of us left behind to prosper.

Edouard: You told me you fled the city because you got a job offer you couldn't turn down and you couldn't accept.
Sonya: SadTech super soldier program.
Edouard: What you know about implants make you uneasy.
Sonya: They nudge you. They change how you think, what you accept. You record instead of bear witness, store data instead of bear witness, it's...
Edourard: Inhuman.

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The system is based on an efficient division of resources. What works for 30 people wouldn't work for millions.


Jaworski: Would you mind pulling this hunk of fascist gun ship out of my leg?
Kiera: How's that?
Jaworski: I might have nerve damage.
Kiera: I'm sure I'll get over it.

Loose lips feed CPS chips.

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